What Shock Me of Being Remote UI/UX Intern in a Start Up

  1. Not really care about attire. I was too worried about what to wear to the office (even if it was virtual) and what a casual look was. Because I was too formal, I started to buy a hoodie, sweatshirt, and t-shirt. In fact, I get a remote position now, and the meeting doesn’t even open cam! Somehow my CEO believes in anonymity. What a waste! (of what I already bought).
  2. Need to learn much more about UI. I thought UI was easy; just make a square, put a word inside, and a button is made! But I was wrong. There is auto-layout, variants, components, and many more that I need to master. Many new words that I just heard in the office. Accordion, tooltip, heuristic design. I need to learn more and more. The more I know, the more I think I am stupid.
  3. Be more open. I had never learned about UX Writing before. But somehow, that is one of my very first tasks in the company. Even my grammar is terrible, but gladly we have Grammarly! (Like seriously!). Ya, I was a content writer many years ago but….………………………………… Just do it anyway! Open to anything!
  4. Be mindful of the flexible working hour. I can work asynchronously in the morning during office hours or at night! I had never heard something about this before, but it does exist. I was confused on the first day when I had no task yet, like how to start the working day. Discord is so quiet, like nobody is alive. Just found out that my UI UX team in my company is all freelance working from 7 pm- 10 pm while I start working at 9.30 am. No wonder nobody exists in the morning.

I must ensure I get the job done while nobody supervises me. Such a responsibility.

Overall I enjoy the experience. I mean. I pray about a remote position, and God has given it to me already. Maybe it was not something I expected before, like a full UX Design position. Somehow they want me to help their social media existence also. A lot to learn, but I am happy. I hope you are too!!!

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